Introduction to BTM

Bytom Blockchain Protocol (hereinafter referred to as compared to the original chain: Bytom) is a kind of the communication Protocol of multiple bits assets running on different than the original chain block chain, heterogeneous bit assets in the form of digital currency, digital assets (native) and atomic assets (with traditional physical world counterparts, warrants, equity, dividends, bond, intelligence information, forecast information, etc.) can be registered through the agreement, exchange, bet, and more complexity of interactions based on contract. Connecting the atomic world with the bit world facilitates the interaction and flow of assets between the two worlds. Compared with the original chain, it adopts a three-layer architecture: the application layer, contract layer, data layer and application layer are friendly to mobile terminals and other multi-terminals, which facilitates developers to develop asset management applications conveniently. The contract layer adopts the creation contract and control contract to issue and manage the assets. The UTXO model BUTXO, which supports the extension at the bottom, optimizes the virtual machine and adopts the introspection mechanism to prevent the dead-in state of complete Turing. Data layer to use distributed books technology, to realize the distribution of assets, cost, and exchange operations, consensus mechanism using of artificial intelligent algorithm, ASIC chip friendly POW introduced matrix in the process of the hash and convolution computation, makes the mill after the idle or be eliminated, can be used for AI hardware acceleration service, so as to generate additional social benefits.

Basic information on BTM
English Name: BTM/ Bytom
Chinese Name: 比原链
Trading Platform: 52
Issue Time: 2017-08-09
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: