Introduction to DOGE
Bitcoin has its own set of strategies, it does not take the bitcoin's money-making route, but make good use of the United States "tip culture." This is seen as a humble gesture of donation or bowing to servants, and is also widely used on the Internet. Bitcoin thresholds are lower and more "sprouting" than expensive Bitcoin, and a week after the system was launched, Bitcoin has become the second most popular "tip electronic money" in the US Internet.Dog coins are very special, based on the network of grassroots culture, due to the temperament lovely funny and a hit. In the ever-expanding electronic money market, dog currency is positioned as a niche market.
Basic information on DOGE
English Name: DOGE/ Dogecoin
Chinese Name: 狗狗币
Trading Platform: 50
Issue Time: 2013-12-12
Whitepaper: --
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: