Introduction to NEO

NEO, formerly known as ants, was formally commissioned in 2014 and opened in June 2015 at Github in real time. Since its establishment, the NEO team has witnessed the climax and trough of the blockchain industry, the fanatical and cooling of the digital money market and the ambiguity and clarity of the regulatory and government attitudes in various countries. We believe that science and technology are the motivation behind the changes of this era. Driven by this momentum, we will move into a new "smart economy" era.

The NEO Blockchain lets you manage your smart assets quickly, efficiently, securely and legally through a combination of technologies such as peer-to-peer networking, Byzantine fault tolerance, digital certificates, smart contracts, superconducting transactions, and cross-link interoperability protocols.

Basic information on NEO
English Name: NEO/ NEO
Chinese Name: 小蚁
Trading Platform: 74
Issue Time: 2014-06-01
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: