Introduction to REP
REP is a shorthand for reputation and is the currency of the Augur system. Augur is a de-centralized marketplace based on the Ethereum platform. With Augur, anyone can create a predictive market and provide initial liquidity for any subject of their own interest (such as who wins the US presidential election), which is a decentralized process. In return, the creator of this market will get half the transaction fee from the market. Ordinary users can predict, buy and sell stocks on augur, based on their own information and judgment, such as the US presidential election. If, after the incident, you predict the correct stock of the correct result, you will receive $ 1 per share, giving you a gain of $ 1 less the initial cost of the purchase. If you predict the wrong stocks that hold the wrong result, you will not be rewarded, so your loss is the initial buying cost.
Basic information on REP
English Name: REP/ Augur
Chinese Name: Augur
Trading Platform: 33
Issue Time: 2016-10-04
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: