Introduction to TTT
The sharing economy has been popular all over the world in recent years. AirBnb and Uber are the ancestors of the sharing economy. The push is based on this concept. By sharing the economy + blockchain to build a global shared economic ecosystem, relying on The blockchain is irreversible and irreversible and transparent, and the encryption algorithm takes over the trust between people. In the pushable ecology of all things, we have already planned a pusher plan that covers food and clothing. From food and clothing to recreation, we all have corresponding system planning, pushing the house and pushing the cart. , push the cultural innovation, push the travel... and push the mall. With every person in the life as a promoter, every pusher can be a mobile live advertisement. The pusher can transform the online and offline interpersonal relationships into the real economy in the push ecosystem, so that every pusher can borrow The interactive mining (PoI) approach gains new sources of income and then activates consumer scenarios and creates consumer demand through certification. We hope that in every city, we can push the token economy model of the shared economy + blockchain in the ecosystem to create more application scenarios for each of the promoters.
Basic information on TTT
English Name: TTT/ TrustNote
Chinese Name: TrustNote
Trading Platform: 2
Issue Time: 2018-05-03
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