Introduction to XRP

The Ripple currency, the base currency of the Ripple network, circulates through the ripple network for a total of 100 billion and declines as the number of trades increases. Ripple Coins is operated by Ripple Labs (formerly known as OpenCoin).

Ruibo currency is the only common currency in the ripple system, which is different from other currencies in the ripple system. Other currencies such as CNY and USD can not be withdrawn from the gateway. In other words, the CNY issued by the A gateway can only be withdrawn from the A gateway. Want to mention in the B gateway, must be through the ripple system function of the pending conversion into a B gateway to the B gateway can be withdrawn. The Swiss currency is completely without this restriction, it is ripple system is universal.

XRP, like Bitcoin, is a digital currency based on mathematics and cryptography. But unlike the real use of Bitcoin, XRP has the main bridge currency and guaranteed security in the Ripple system, which guarantees security Functionality is integral, requiring that gateways participating in this protocol have a small number of XRPs to hold.


Basic information on XRP
English Name: XRP/ Ripple
Chinese Name: 瑞波币
Trading Platform: 104
Issue Time: 2011-04-18
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: