Introduction to XVG
The Verge is an open-source cryptocurrency based on bitcoin technology.It was first launched in 2014.Thanks to the rapidly growing community, money is catching on quickly.The Verge offers every aspect of attracting users around the world.Multi-algorithm COINS.The Verge user can use five different algorithms to mine COINS.The block time is only 30 seconds, and the reward is calculated based on the total amount of the generated block.Security.The currency USES the latest encryption technology, which is regularly updated by the developer team.Using the Verge you can make sure your money is safe.Privacy.The Verge is very concerned about the privacy of its users.Users who use the Verge payment know that they remain anonymous and their personal data is hidden.Quick and easy payment.Memory block chain technology allows for very fast transactions globally.To use this digital currency, you only need to install the wallet software for all major platforms.Cheap operation.Because there is no central authority to control the currency, transaction fees are very small or even zero!In short, the Verge has proven to be a reliable, safe, inexpensive, and rapidly evolving payment solution for a growing community.The Verge offers a new way to transfer money - convenience and cheapness.
Basic information on XVG
English Name: XVG/ Verge
Chinese Name: Verge
Trading Platform: 25
Issue Time: 2014-10-09
Crowdfunding Price:Crowdfunding Price: