How to Vote for Super Representatives on the TRON Blockchain

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The TRON blockchain uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) algorithm to reach consensus. There are currently 202 Super Representatives (SRs) on the TRON network where the Top 27 SRs play a key role in generating and keeping TRON blocks. By facilitating chain operations, the Top 27 Super Representatives get a reward of 32 TRX per block. SRs must provide the community with useful features and excellent block producing to secure the top spots and consequently, the rewards. In order to maintain network health and promote growth, it is important to vote and support SRs that enhance and power the TRON network. Here is a step-by-step tutorial explaining how to support and elect Super Representatives via TRON Block Explorer.

Step 1

Everything starts with a wallet. The first thing you need to do before voting for Super Representatives is to install and create an account in the TRON Wallet. After you sign in, make sure you have some TRX in your wallet. We put $1 in which is currently 49,5 TRX.

Step 2

Scroll down the page and you see TRON Power with a blue ‘freeze’ button. Stop here.

To vote for an SR, you need ‘TRON Power’ which can be gained by ‘freezing’ your TRX tokens.

It is important to freeze the tokens as it prevents malicious voting and spam transactions which clog the network.

Note: When you freeze tokens, they will be unavailable for trading for three consecutive days.

Don’t worry! Your frozen tokens are not lost/disappeared/destroyed/etc, but locked and will be unfrozen and available to trade when the three day period expires.

Click the ‘freeze’ button and you see ‘the freeze screen’. Input the quantity of TRX you wish, confirm the process and click ‘freeze’ on the bottom.

Note: you can either choose ‘freeze TRX to gain energy’ or ‘freeze TRX to gain bandwidth’. This does not affect your voting purposes in any manner.

We want to gain energy, so we freeze 5 TRX.

By accepting the confirmation request you will get TRON Power.

Step 3

Check your voting power by clicking the tab ‘TRON SR > Votes > Click here to start voting.’

Here where our frozen power (5 TRX) is: Votes Remaining 5  

You can return to the wallet account to see your TRON Power.

Step 4

You can now vote for any Super Representative you like. Return to the tab ‘TRON SR > Votes > Click here to start voting’ and enter a number of TRX you’d like to allocate to SRs.  

We put 4 TRX to random Top 27 SRs and candidates that we chose, so 1 vote remained. Click the green button ‘submit votes’.

Step 5

The votes are submitted.

That’s it! The voting process only takes 2 minutes but it initiates important upgrades to the chain. This is where every vote matters, so don’t forget to vote.