GOLD Get Listed at BigONE, Depoist and Trade to Win Rewards

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Dear BigONE users,

The first project of AngelONE, CryptoGalaxy has completed its sellling. BigONE will list GOLD/USDT trading pair at 04:00:00 (UTC+8) and will host ‘New Users Deposit for Gifts’ and ‘Trade for Super Surprise’.

Learn more about it: CryptoGalaxy (GOLD)

GOLD Get Listed at BigONE, Depoist, Trade to Win Rewards

1.New Users Deposit for Gifts

Time: From this announcement posted to 03:59:59, November 14 (UTC) 

Users register during the event and deposit more than 100 USDT (should be net deposit) or purchase through OTC more than 100 USDT can get a lucky gift which contains 1 GOLD and 300 ONE. The first 1000 users who meet the requirement will get the gifts.

Note: During the activity period, the user's final net deposit must be greater than or equal to 100 USDT, net deposit = deposit amount - withdrawal amount, and internal transfer is not counted.

2.Trade for Super Surprise

Time: 04:00:00, November 8 - 03:59:59, November 14 (UTC) 

During the event, we will draw 1 user to get 25 GOLD + 10000 ONE per day for 7 consecutive days from users who have a total trade volume of ≥ 500 USDT at GOLD/USDT trading pair (excluding self-trading).

Note: All users have the opportunity to receive a trade award, and new users have the opportunity to receive both a deposit gift and a trade reward.


  1. One account can only get the reward once in a single event.
  2. Self-trading volumes will not be counted in these activities.
  3. The results of the tournament will be announced after the tournament ends and all the rewards will be given out within 7 business days after the tournament ends.
  4. BigONE doesn't make price endorsements and project guarantees for any project. Please consider the factors such as project popularity, market trends, and risk tolerance carefully, and carefully decide whether to participate in the trading and rationally allocate your assets.

BigONE holds the ultimate explanation right.

Thanks for your continuous love and support.

BigONE Team

November 7, 2019