Bibox Contract System Upgrade Completed

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Dear Biboxers,


Bibox has completed the contract system upgrade ahead of schedule, contract trading services, including API function and other corresponding functions have been restored. Please be noted.


Upgrade Notes


  1. The contract matching engine has been fully upgraded. The matching efficiency of a single server reaches the industry-leading 100,000+ TPS and the average matching delay is less than 300 microseconds.
  2. “Overnight Funding” has been replaced by “Funding Rate” to force convergence of prices between the Perpetual Contract Market and the actual underlying commodity.


Related Events


In order to thank you for supporting “Bibox Perpetual Contract”, we have launched “Contract Trading Mining” and “Contract Order Mining”, users can join to enjoy up to 12-month USDT dividends and incremental benefits. Furthermore, Bibox is going to launch “Contract Trading Rebates” to celebrate to upgrade, million-dollar prize is coming soon!


#Please contact our customer service via telegram (BiboxExchangeEnglish) to learn more about exclusive benefits for API users and key accounts.


Thank you for supporting Bibox.



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